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MaxMonitor reviews online and print media and TV news programs

MaxMonitor reviews and analyzes Armenian online media (more than 150 websites), Facebook pages and Telegram channels, print media outlets (about 10), and news programs of TV channels (9).

The platform is based on keywords that MaxMonitor specialists enter according to subscriber’s requirements. That reduces the probability of encountering junk news flow on the platform to the minimum. 

Topics of interest for MaxMonitor subscribers are added to the Project. For instance, if your topic of interest is developments in the Armenian telecommunication market, you create Telecommunication Operators project, which comprises Team Telecom, Viva-MTS, Ucom, and Rostelecom Armenia topics.

Clicking on one of the topics, subscriber can see all current publications related to the topic. If subscriber uses several sections, they can filter and see, for instance, only publications in print or online media. Filters can also be used within the section, for example, publications of only A online media or only A TV channel.

Subscribers can change the list of reviewed media beforehand. 

Subscribers can also order monitoring and analysis not across the whole media base, but for instance, for the chosen A and B websites, A and B newspapers, and A TV channel.

MaxMonitor’s newsfeed is updated every 15 minutes.

Subscribers can both view and download the print media clipping and TV reports.

Subscribers can also get the materials via e-mail.