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About Us

<strong>MaxMonitor</strong> is a media monitoring, analysis and measurement system developed by Mediamax.

MaxMonitor is a media monitoring, analysis and measurement system developed by Mediamax.

Mediamax is Armenia’s only independent media holding comprised of Mediamax.am, Banks.am, Itel.am, Bravo.am, Sport.Mediamax.am, Gastrovino.Mediamax.am, Adver.am, Auto.am portals and websites, MediaBrand Communication Agency, and MaxMonitor platform.

Mediamax is also the only company in South Caucasus with membership in FIBEP, the world’s media intelligence association with over 120 corporate members in over 60 countries. This membership enables us to keep up with all innovations and trends.

MaxMonitor reviews and analyzes Armenian news websites (more than 150), Facebook pages and Telegram channels, print media (about 10), and news programs of TV channels (9).

The platform is based on keywords that MaxMonitor specialists adjust in accordance with the subscriber’s requirements. MaxMonitor is a paid system: upon signing of the agreement, the subscriber gets login and password.

The system comprises 2 sections: Monitoring and Analysis.

Under the agreement, subscribers get the relevant options of using the system: they can use either only Monitoring or Monitoring and Analysis sections simultaneously.

The system interface is available in 3 languages: Armenian, Russian or English.

The majority of MaxMonitor options are automated; it’s a flexible system that can serve small, medium and big companies.

Our subscribers are several dozens of private companies and state bodies: banks, telecommunication operators, ministries and departments, international organizations, and embassies.